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Happy Birthday Scientist Rachel! by Rydrake Happy Birthday Scientist Rachel! :iconrydrake:Rydrake 1 5
The Value of Blood - Present
My, how I've changed. Morticary thought as he looked at the photo in his hands. It was taken not long after he and Rowan were partnered. Since then, he had grown several inches, had his ears pierced with little golden rings, got a tattoo and earned himself an uncountable number of scars. He set the photo back down on the table beside him. He was almost fifteen now, he had been ten back then.
He groaned and jumped off the sofa “I'm going out for a walk, Rowan.” A grunt and a nod was her only answer as she hunched over her desk, working on a schematic for a new weapon. Morty slung his bow over his shoulder and buckled his quiver to his hip. “Don't work too hard, Ro.” He called out before he left the flat.
Once in the forest, Morty left the paths and wondered the undergrowth. Being out in the wild calmed him and helped him gather his thoughts. Suddenly he stopped, his ears pricked. He had heard something... hadn't he? He could have sworn he had. A ver
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The Value of Blood - Past
“You're not an elf! You're a half blood!"
Ten year old Morticary grunted as he was slammed into the wooden wall by his kin. Falling to one knee out of pain, he looked up at the boy who had pushed him, “B..but Damous... we're brothers!” The older elf laughed, to Morticary it sounded cold and cruel. “You were, and still are, nothing more then a mistake. Even mother says so. You never should have been born!” Damous' friends lunged at Morticary, trying to grab him so he would get hit again, but Morty saw an opening and jumped over one of the muscled elves as they bent down. He was out the door and down the street before the other boys could react.
This was normal for them, they never got along. Morty reached up and felt his pointed ears. They were only a few inches long. Damous' ears, a full elf's ears, went up past the crown of his head. Hot tears pricked at his eyes as he leaned against a tree. He had run all the way to the park, even though he knew h
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Chibi Rico by Rydrake Chibi Rico :iconrydrake:Rydrake 2 12 Convention Flickr by Rydrake Convention Flickr :iconrydrake:Rydrake 2 0 Coffee Addict by Rydrake Coffee Addict :iconrydrake:Rydrake 0 10 Heart Orca by Rydrake Heart Orca :iconrydrake:Rydrake 2 8 Will you read me a love story? by Rydrake Will you read me a love story? :iconrydrake:Rydrake 3 4 The Heart of a Desert Star by Rydrake The Heart of a Desert Star :iconrydrake:Rydrake 1 19 Dennis the Hoothoot by Rydrake Dennis the Hoothoot :iconrydrake:Rydrake 1 3 Happy Birthday, Rachel! by Rydrake Happy Birthday, Rachel! :iconrydrake:Rydrake 2 21
Morticary Blackjack perched on a tree stump that was just high enough for his legs to dangle a few inches from the ground. Located between two buildings at the center of Mystic Haze, it was the perfect spot to watch over the village. Three small kids ran past, throwing balls of winter snow at each other just as his partner, Rowan Blake, came trotting over. "Remember our first winter as partners?" Morticary couldn't help but ask as he lifted Rowan onto his lap.
The young guardians of Zanklor were paired at the age of ten in a very special way. Partnerships were based on not only respect but, more strongly, affection. If guardian pairs had a very strong bond, they would be more willing to go to extreme measures to protect each other. The pairing was done so well, it wasn't uncommon for partners to become mates.
"Yeah," Rowan answered "You chucked a snowball at my head."
"I always chuck snowballs at your head."  Morticary chuckled, "I meant our game of fire and ice."
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WARNING: Some things in this gallery may bite and/or scratch and/or throw fireballs. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


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This is my doodle/fun/all-round account. For my professional account, look here: Nightinscale
Hey, peoples!
Just wanted to make sure you all know, this account, Rydrake, is my 'doodle account'. I upload doodles, half done drawings and stuff I'll probably never finish here.
My other account, Nightinscale is where I upload all my finished works. So go watch me there if you want to see that stuff!

Also, I haven't been doing a ton of personal drawings due to school. But I'm trying to make an appoint to doodle between classes. Some of these I might finish, others will be unloaded in a Doodleroos.

That is all! Dismissed!
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